Jessica Dey

J Dey, LLC

Fine Arts

Hometown: Torrington, CT

Jessica Dey makes hand-sewn and hand painted journals which are suited for writing, sketching, watercolor painting, you name it! She always likes to have a notebook nearby in case the urge to write or sketch hits her. She makes handmade journals because she feels they are more fun for travel or any special occasion you want to record.

One journal takes many hours to make. The pages are handsewn together with a wax-covered thread and attached to a cloth spine. The cloth spine holds up better than leather under repeated use. She designs an original hand painted cover for each journal.

At Sugarloaf Crafts Festivals, Jessica is accompanied by Horton, a Yorkshire Terrier Daschund mix. Horton helps her manage her PTSD symptoms incurred through combat service in Iraq. Her husband, Sean, co-owns and helps run the business.

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