Cherie Davis

Cherie's River Rags


Hometown: Germanton, NC

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Cherie Davis had her first exposure to vintage clothes as a young girl when her parents brought home an antique doll dressed in vintage velvet and lace. Immediately, she knew she wanted to make the same kind of clothes.

Her hippie chic, rocker fashion sense fully developed during her 20’s when she created dramatic outfits for musicians and fashion models. These clients encouraged to come up with the most unusual, playful designs she could dream up. From then on Cherie knew she would never want to design ordinary clothing.

Her one-of-a-kind creations combine multiple fabrics, buttons and accessories to create fun, dramatic pieces. She makes leather, suede and denim jackets, gypsy tunics and sweater-jackets and vests using

several layers of vintage lace, corduroy, suede and chenille tapestry.

At Sugarloaf Craft Festivals, Cherie (and her husband) encourage shoppers to try things on. She says many first time customers approach her unconventional designs timidly, wondering where or if they will be daring enough to wear such unique outfits. At a later show, they’ll come back to tell her they wore her clothes everywhere!

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