Marie Cuozzo

Bear's Nest Studio

Jewelry - Other

Hometown: West Sand Lake, NY

Artist Website

Marie Cuozzo has been creating works of art since her grandmother taught her to knit at age seven. Her interests turned to jewelry making over a decade ago, and ever since, Bear’s Nest Studio has turned out stunning pieces of handcrafted jewelry fashioned in the ancient art of Kumihimo.

If you’re not familiar with Kumihimo, don’t worry! At Sugarloaf Crafts, we believe in a high-touch experience where customers can interact and talk to the artisans themselves. Come to one of our festivals and you can learn about her process, or study up now to show off your knowledge!

Kumihimo is a traditional Japanese art that translates as “braided cord” in English. These ancient braids are often used in ceremonies, as belts, as purse straps and more. Dating back to the 7th century, it would be several hundred years before weaving fabric in this way wandered into the jewelry world.

For her kumihumi designs, Marie uses a traditional Muradai braiding table, working with glass beads and nylon cords. She also draws inspiration from medieval chainmail, putting a true modern spin on ancient, functional art.

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