Ken Conger

Ken Conger Photography


Hometown: Lanexa, VA

Artist Website

Award-winning wildlife photographer Ken Conger always has an interesting story to share. He’s traveled to six different continents to capture images of wildlife in their natural habitats. His work has been published in a variety of magazines including BBC-Discover Wildlife Magazine, Alaska Geographic and Birder’s World. A former game warden for more than 30 years, Ken combined his love of photography with his passion for wildlife and conservation and became a full-time wildlife photographer more than 10 years ago. He says his goal “is to capture a unique, intimate, wildlife moment which hopefully will stir emotions and motivate one to consider protection and conservation.” His stunning photography captures animals in their most natural states, catching fish, climbing trees, sunning themselves and caring for their young. Ken excels in bringing his viewers up close and personal in an environment very few people experience first-hand. Stop by Ken’s booth at Sugarloaf Craft Festival to view his beautiful work and perhaps learn more about conservation efforts. Browse his website to learn more about his process and view some of his incredible galleries.

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