Cristiane Coloni

Freecolomani LLC

Fine Arts

Hometown: Falls Church, VA

Artist Website

Cristiane Coloni did not always plan to be an artist. She started her working career teaching literature but soon realized that she was more interested in the imagery than in the text.

She creates collages of paint and melted wax. She says says shoppers often think there is fabric sewn into them. In her recent artwork, she is trying to convey feelings of calm and peacefulness.

When she travels home to her native Brazil, she enjoys seeing the graffiti there which inspired a lot of her early sketching. In school, her thesis was the Bible in comic book form.

While growing up she often traveled from Brazil to Chevy Chase, MD to visit her grandmother. On these visits she got to know the artist, Lenny Baron, who inspired her to start creating her own work.

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