Neil Claypoole

Jonathan's Spoons

Wood - Functional

Hometown: Kempton, PA

Artist Website

Something as simple as a wooden spoon can become one of the most interesting items in your kitchen when you purchase one of Jonathan’s Spoons by Neil Claypoole. This collection of handcrafted utensils is made from real cherry wood, giving the spoons a warm, rustic look. Whether you need a slotted spoon for cooking on the stovetop or a pair of salad serving utensils that look elegant at the dinner table, you’ll love the unique designs available from Jonathan’s Spoons.

Besides the large variety of cherry wood spoons, Neil Claypoole has also crafted a number of other handy kitchen utensils. You can get wooden pickle forks, coffee grounds scoops, pot strainers, citrus peelers, chopsticks and so much more when you browse the full Jonathan’s Spoons collection. These carefully crafted spoons add an artistic touch to everyday utensils that make your home a little more colorful and unique. Stop by a Sugarloaf Craft festival to meet Neil Claypoole and see these beautiful wooden spoons and utensils firsthand.

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