Cindy Anne Ciarcia

Cindy Anne Creations


Hometown: Bristol, CT

Artist Website

Cindy Anne creates women’s apparel using an ancient wool felting technique called Nuno felting.

To begin, she arranges brightly colored wool fibers to make a beautiful pattern and then applies soap and water to the fibers and carefully weaves the wool into a length of silk fabric. Then the fabric is rolled and rubbed until it becomes a strong, felted fabric. From there, Cindy designs various clothing items such as jackets, tunics, dresses, scarves or hats and each piece with flowers, feathers, buttons and other items to create a stunning addition to any wardrobe.

She has a specific vision in mind for each article of clothing and spends anywhere from one day to two weeks to achieve that vision. In addition to clothing, she has designed handbags and home decor items. All of her items are hand washable.

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