John Chumack

Galactic Images


Hometown: Dayton, OH

Artist Website

Dayton, Ohio-based photographer John Chumack of Galactic Images creates what he describes as “Astrophotography” by taking photos of deep space that focus on the solar system in an incredibly up-close-and-personal way. His images depict the sun, moons, stars and planets in a way that many people have never seen with their own eyes.

Galactic Images uses film, CCD, DSLR, homemade and commercial equipment to create each photograph, allowing Chumack to take close-up photos of objects that are lightyears away. He funds his own observatories and future imaging projects by selling these images to the public, allowing outer space enthusiasts a chance to catch a glimpse of what Chumack sees in his observations. Since 1989, Chumack has been photographing the night sky using the latest photography and telescope advancements, and he’s traveled the country since that time selling his fine art photos. By focusing each image manually using only his eye, Chumack has developed a true art form with his space photography.

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