Claudia Carreon

Claudia Carreon Designs

Misc. Mixed Media

Hometown: Dublin, OH

Artist Website

Claudia Carreon Designs is an independent accessory studio based in Dublin, Ohio that creates handcrafted jewelry, accessories and small metal art pieces. Owner Claudia Carreon makes each item by hand to create a truly one-of-a-kind feel, and she uses only recycled metals in an effort to keep her business environmentally friendly.

Claudia Carreon Designs pieces are from lead-free, high quality metals, copper and steel, and she crafts her designs using traditional metalwork and jewelry-making skills that she gained during her studies at RIT in Rochester, New York. Some of her standout pieces include scarf rings decorated with ornate filigree and rounded elements, classic hair combs and barrettes that feature the natural beauty of the metals and shoe clips that add some flair to any outfit. Claudia Carreon Designs even creates metal home goods such as picture frames using the same decorative elements and artistic process. A portion of her sales also benefits the Children's Hospital in her hometown of Morelia, Mexico.

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