Karen Caldwell

Sunflower Glass Studio

Glass - Fused

Hometown: Stockton, NJ

At Sugarloaf Craft Festivals, you’ll find an incredible variety of incredible works of art from a wide background of traditions. Sunflower Glass Studio’s Karen and Geoff Caldwell take their mutual love of prisms and create intricate stained glass windows, boxes, bathroom accessories and more.

Founded in 1978, Sunflower Glass Studio has been turning out breathtaking works of beveled and colored glass. With Karen as the designer and Geoff as the craftsman, you’re guaranteed beautiful stained glass windows, panels, boxes and so much more.

Even though it is quite a medieval art, the Caldwells draw their inspiration from the American stained glass window tradition that experienced a revival around the 1880s. As opposed to ancient times when silk filters were painted and laid over the glass to achieve color, by the 19th century, the glass itself was dyed. Each piece of colored glass is cut and fused in-studio.

Their fused glass line of home décor items features unique pieces that can never be exactly replicated. Floral and night sky designs draw inspiration from the natural world, while other pieces carry the geometric lines of stained glass without the metalwork.

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