Mark Butowsky


Jewelry - Gold & Silver

Hometown: Reston, VA

Years ago whenever Mark Butowsky accompanied his wife jewelry shopping, he would always complain that the designs available were pretty boring. He is a former architect who enjoys contemporary designs and he just didn’t see many ground breaking new designs. So he started making wood-based pendants for his wife. Whenever she wore them, she would get a lot of positive comments from people. Eventually he was making more jewelry than his wife could wear so he started exhibiting at local fairs and again received a great response to his unique designs.

His pieces have a wooden base topped with stones wrapped in sterling silver. He uses mostly exotic woods like red heart, yellow heart, purple heart, zebra wood and various rosewoods. He gets some discarded wood from other woodworkers and other pieces he picks up during travel.

He is now retired from his architectural job and making jewelry full time.

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