Tonya Butcher

Silks by Tonya

Painted Silk

Hometown: Goldvein, VA

Artist Website

Tonya Butcher paints one-of-a-kind silk scarves, ponchos and blouses using premium quality silk and fabric dyes. She devised a unique silk stretching system and applies the paint in multiple layers to ensure that no two pieces are ever the same. Once painted, each item is steam set to create brilliant colors and to prevent the dye from fading or bleeding.

Tonya wrote the book, “100 Ways to Wear A Scarf” to help customers discover new ways to wear her scarves.

Once she started wearing her own hand-painted scarves, she had a hard time making the silk stay in one place. This inspired her to make hand forged aluminum scarf pins which keep the scarves in place and also work with other materials besides silk. They can even be worn in your hair!

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