Alan Burslem

Burslem Stoneware


Hometown: Wilmington, DE

Artist Website

Since 1976, Alan Burslem has been designing and creating a diverse line of high-fire pottery and sculpture in the historical village of Arden, a century old arts and crafts community where he grew up surrounded by serious artists of all disciplines. His unique designs, skill and artistry have been recognized numerous times, most recently winning first place for excellence in pottery at the Rehoboth Art League. Burslem’s work reflects his precision and understanding that “there are few more sensitive instruments than the potter’s wheel and the clay can respond as sensitively to the potter’s slightest touch as does the string of a violin or the brush of a Chinese painter. Every nervous tremor, every ghost of a touch is translated through the fingers imperishable clay which, if treated properly will freeze it forever for the eyes of those who understand.” In addition to creating wheel thrown pottery as a ceramic artist, Burslem shares his skills and artistry with others as a ceramic teacher.

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