Tom Burns

Tom Burns Jewelry

Jewelry - Gold & Silver

Hometown: Westminster, VT

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Master jeweler, Tom Burns has been designing and hand-making jewelry for more than 30 years. Burns’ jewelry pieces are all built around hand-cut, unusual gemstones that are mostly found in the US. Burns’ inspiration comes from the unique gemstones he comes across as he is searching through parcels of stones. Once he finds the stones that speak to him, the design process begins. “It’s really the beauty of the natural stones that drive my work.” He has been producing jewelry in his cozy little workshop in Westminster, VT.

Burns has had a successful retail store, has sold his work wholesale, and shown his work at arts and crafts fairs. “It’s the last one that I’ve liked the best, and that I still do the most. I get to start with real stones and silver, both direct from the earth, form them into (hopefully) attractive jewelry, then hand them face-to-face to the person who’s going to wear it. How could you beat that?”

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