Judith Brumbaugh

Brumbaugh's Delights

Specialty Food

Hometown: Williamsburg, PA

A favorite at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals, Brumbaugh’s Delites, by Judith Brumbaugh, is known for its homemade confections, such as delicious pumpkin logs filled with rich cream cheese and angel food cake in every flavor imaginable, from traditional to chocolate coconut to walnut and pecan. They’re also available in gluten- and sugar-free versions. Festival regulars also know to stock up on Brumbaugh’s Delites jarred jams and jellies which are made strictly from produce grown on their Williamsburg, Pa., farm. Classic favorites like strawberry and raspberry sit alongside spicy habanero jam and artisanal red beet and cherry jelly – Brumbaugh’s even boasts an orange zucchini marmalade jam. A selection of canned fresh pickles and flavored butters round out the offerings. Brumbaugh’s makes everything by hand in small batches to ensure the quality and flavor. Stop by Brumbaugh Delite’s booth and have a look at their delicious selection.

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