Suzanne Bruhn

TimberTiki Traditions


Hometown: Newmanstown, PA

Based on Newmanstown, Pennsylvania, TimbertikiTraditions is a handmade clothing and textile company that creates colorful, whimsical apparel for women of all ages. Suzanne Bruhn makes functional clothing and accessories using up-cycled materials, and her goal is to make buyers feel happy and inspired by each piece.

Each TimbertikiTraditions clothing item is made from scrap textiles deemed unusable or unwanted by more traditional clothing companies, all in an effort to reduce waste and cut down on the amount of fabrics in overloaded landfills. These beautiful, luxurious fabrics become rainbow-hued sweaters, blouses decorated with handmade floral decals and arm warmers featuring multicolored stripes. TimbertikiTraditions also creates handmade, up-cycled accessories and jewelry items, including beaded earrings, infinity scarves and even children’s accessories and toys made from recycled scrap fabrics.

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