Jacqueline Brooks

Southern Belles BBQ

Specialty Food

Hometown: Bethesda, MD

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Winner of 86 National Awards, these Southern sauces pack a flavorful sauce that only can happen from family recipes being passed down. The sauces were originally created and bottled over 55 years ago down in Memphis TN. A lineage of Southern Belles developed them further, creating seven bottles that is sure to cure any smokey and sweet craving!

Jacqueline Brooks enjoyed her grandmother’s special BBQ sauce countless times throughout childhood and today she is delighted to share her grandmother’s legacy with Southern Belles BBQ Sauce. This legendary sauce was born out of a southern belle’s desperate attempt to satisfy her husband’s gourmet appetite.

In the summer of 1963, Jacqueline and Edward Knight set out for California, leaving Memphis behind. In the sunshine state they encountered many new foods for the first time. Edward became obsessed with teriyaki sauce and couldn’t stop talking about it all the way back to Tennessee.

Jacqueline, who was well recognized as a talented southern chef, couldn’t bear it that Edward loved this exotic new sauce more than any of her infamous concoctions. In an effort to recreate that same teriyaki taste, she came up with something even better - Southern Belles BBQ Sauce!

Jacqueline’s daughter, Vicki, tweaked the recipe to make it even better and passed it down to her daughter, Jacqueline Brooks who is delighted to share her grandmother’s recipe which she enjoyed throughout her childhood.

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