Sharon London

Sharon London Designs


Hometown: Saugerties, NY

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Day-to-evening fashion is Sharon Broit’s and Carl Mateo’s passion. Both textile artists draw deep inspiration from their painting backgrounds, taking careful note to mind color, line, movement and light as they create unique, wearable works of art. Sharon London Designs’ made-to-order wearable tableaux are crafted out of eco-conscious, high-end fabrics, making for some truly special pieces.

The pair met “while immersed post punk Downtown Art, Fashion and Music world and the influence of street fashion.” They developed a taste for upcycling vintage clothing, reclaiming old wardrobes for the modern-day closet. This history with fine, vintage fabric from around the world plays into their designs as well. Timeless, versatile and strong textiles like Italian knits, organic cotton, wool and bamboo help Sharon and Carl maintain their commitment to giving their customers only their best work.

They have dressed notable women and celebrities from all around the world and we are proud to call Sharon London Designs part of the Sugarloaf Family.

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