Deanna Breault

Bella's Home Baked Goods

Specialty Food

Hometown: Highland, NY

Artist Website

Growing up as part of a large Italian family, Deanna Breault ate biscotti when her peers were eating cookies.

Though she knew her grandmother’s biscotti recipe was widely loved, she didn’t see herself as a baker and for a long time, she didn’t consider starting a business. Eventually a daily commute to her day job while raising 2 small children made her yearn for something she could do from home.

She and her husband built a commercial kitchen and the business quickly grew.

Bella’s Home Baked Goods offers 11+ flavors of biscotti plus several other seasonal flavors throughout the year. Look for her booth at Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and try a taste of Salted Caramel, Chocolate Cherry Amaretto, Lemon Pistachio, Cappuccino Chip and other delicious flavors.

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