Mary Julia Brandis

Julia Brandis Glassworks

Glass - Leaded

Hometown: Westminster, VT

Artist Website

Through color and light comes truly one-of-a-kind stained glass from Julia Brandis Glassworks.

Julia likes to express herself through harnessing both natural and interior light. Her glass panes, lamps and fire screens enhance your household décor with a splash of color that only gets more brilliant with the addition of a light source. Whether it’s the rising sun streaming in through your kitchen windows or the warm reassurance of a bedside reading lamp, no bit of light or color is wasted in Julia’s designs.

Each shard of glass is carefully selected for how each color will behave in the light of morning, noon, evening and night. Warm golds, soothing blues and vibrant purples break out of the traditional geometric patterns to create exquisite swirls and unexpected angles. Her meticulous eye and knowledge of light are apparent in the varying textures, iridescence, wirework and jewels that give each piece a feeling of organic, pleasing depth and design.

Julia Brandis is just one of Sugarloaf Family members putting a fresh spin on ancient forms of art.

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