Mary Ann Bowden

Quilts by Mary Ann

Quilts & Comforters

Hometown: Crozet, VA

Mary Ann Bowden retired from her administrative job at a law firm and immediately set about fulfilling a longheld dream of quilting in retirement. Soon she had satisfied the quilting needs of her friends and family, but she didn’t want to stop. So she started exhibiting at craft shows.

Unlike many traditional quilters, Bowden chooses contemporary designer fabrics in bright, bold colors. She favors the floral patterns of British fabric designer, Kaffe Fasset, Australian Aboriginal designs and Indonesian Batiks.

She makes quilted table toppers and wall art in addition to quilts and comforters for children and adults. Craft show shoppers often ask her to make quilts in certain colors to match their home decor. Some people ask for a memory quilt incorporating articles of a deceased loved one’s clothing.

Stop by her booth at Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and see if one of her designs catches your eye!

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