Richard Bond

Richard Bond Glass Artist

Glass - Mixed Media

Hometown: Ottawa Ontario, CAN

Artist Website

Richard Bond is an Ottowa, Canada-based artist specializing in glass and other mediums. Since 1985, Bond has focused mainly on creating organic nature scenes on sandblasted glass, all inspired by the landscapes of his hometown in Canada.

Richard Bond sandblasts each image onto pieces of colored glass, clear glass or a combination of different shades. He does not use any paints or stains, preferring instead to use the natural color of the glass to create each image. Many of Richard Bond’s works can be found in government buildings, corporate and private art collections around the world, and he was even chosen as an artist to represent Canada by gifting his works to visiting nations during the G-20 summit in Toronto in 2010. You can find Bond’s latest works at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals.

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