Ben Bonart

Fine Arts

Hometown: Nyack, NY

Artist Website

Ben Bonart left a successful design career in the advertising and marketing industry to become a full time artist. He says his objective when he paints is simply to make people feel good.

His paintings are filled with uplifting scenes of radiant suns and vibrant cityscapes that draw the viewer into the painting. Through the use of light and layers, he creates a 3D effect.

He is inspired by the abstract expressionism and pop art of the 1960’s. All of his work is one of a kind because he approaches each painting as an experiment and lets it unfold along the way. He’s also unconventional in his choice of tools, preferring not to paint with a paint brush but with various straight edge utensils.

Bonart has had paintings commissioned by hotels and international corporations. One media company bought one of his cityscape paintings for each city where they have an office.

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