Susan Bock


Fine Arts

Hometown: Gum Spring, VA

Artist Website

Susan Bock restores and colorizes historic black and white photographs from the Civil War era through the 1930’s. Her early 20th century photos show marches by women suffragists, golfers and pilots, and people of the rural south.

She finds old photos that are free of copyright restrictions, restores the damaged ones and prints them on a photo quality paper that is compatible with oil paint. She then enhances them with a transparent oil paint solution to make them more vibrant.

Susan feels it is important to keep these historic periods fresh in our memories as we navigate life in modern times. She says, “It is only when we can celebrate where we have been that we can fully understand and celebrate the beauty of each moment of today.”

Stop by her booth at a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and share the stories your family has passed down from previous generations. Susan loves to see how her photos remind shoppers of their own long dormant memories.

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