Ryan Boase


Misc. Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Greenville, SC

Artist Website

Ryan started his business in 2011 after experimenting with a broken trumpet and realizing he could amplify the sound from his iPhone through the bell of the trumpet horn. He liked the result and continued sampling other instruments and finally phonographs and gramophones.

Ryan creates Bluetooth and acoustic speakers from phonographs and gramophones dating from the early 1900’s as well as from musical instruments. He sources antique phonographs and gramophones from dealers all around the country. The musical instruments come from band directors and repair shops. Each bell speaker is attached to a solid walnut base creating a truly vintage look.

People like to recreate the ambiance of the early 1900’s by playing radio coverage of sports events over these speakers.

In 2012, American Express included a photo of one of his acoustic gramophone speakers in their Departures Magazine. That led to orders from around the world and Ryan was able to take his business full time.

He has had several celebrity clients such as tattoo artist and TV personality Kat Von D, British singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding and British comedian James Corden.

The Acoustic Magnavox Gramophone speaker is his best-selling piece.

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