Allen Bjorkman

Allen Ye Printmaker

Fine Arts

Hometown: Oswego, NY

Artist Website

Allen Bjorkman is the name behind Fenix Forgeries by Allen Ye Printmaker, one of the largest sources of replica Renaissance prints. Bjorkman began issuing Renaissance replica prints in 1969 after he decided to abandon a “traditional” career path and become an artist to the dismay of his family (as he puts it). Since then, he has exhibited at major exhibitions throughout the US and has carved hundreds of editions of linoleum block prints and screen prints from hand cut stencils. Each image is printed on acid-free paper in one of three methods: linoleum block prints, serigraphs (screen prints from hand-cut stencils) or digital images. Every print is labeled with its source, method and date of issue.

Bjorkman is also an abstract artist. “I am a self-taught artist whose work has happily landed outside art’s mainstream. I have been making and exhibiting images since 1969, and my abstracts tell stories; they are poems without words.”

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