Nancy Berry

Decorating Impressions

Misc. Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Lake Worth, FL

Artist Website

Lake Worth Floridians Shawn and Nancy Berry want your garden to make good, decorative impressions on the neighborhood. In fact, that’s how they got their start.

The Berrys’ foray into casting sculptures for indoor and outdoor décor began at their own home when they were looking for something to spruce up their garden. They soon discovered it was an activity they loved doing together and, much to our delight at Sugarloaf Crafts, decided to go into business. Voilà – Decorative Impressions popped out of the mold!

Shawn and Nancy learned to make and use their own molds, casting each piece in a product called Hydrocal. This multi-purpose gypsum cement is more lightweight than traditional cement and more durable than craft plaster, perfect for your garden row. While Hydrocal doesn’t take well to paint absorption, each piece is dipped in a neutral-colored finish so you can custom paint it at home if you’d like.

Decorative Impressions’ diverse designs cover a wide range of interests from angels to wildlife. Several of the cast sculptures feature quotations, scriptures and other writings.

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