Scott Berry

Berry Goldsmiths

Jewelry - Gold & Silver

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Artist Website

Ann Arbor, Michigan-based goldsmiths and father-son team John and Scott Berry began creating gold and silver jewelry under the name Berry Goldsmiths in 1986. While John has since retired from the business, his son Scott continues to create the same luxury jewelry pieces in the styles that the brand has become known for. He uses a wax casting process to create the majority of his jewelry pieces, creating simplistic designs that feature eye-catching stylistic details.

Gold bar necklaces featuring intricate cutout details are some of Berry Goldsmiths’ signature jewelry items, while you’ll also find long, slender pendants with colorful gemstones, handsome gold and silver rings and many other handcrafted jewelry items. Berry Goldsmiths takes pride in choosing only Grade A gemstones in unique shapes and of the highest quality available, so you can feel confident that any piece you purchase will truly last a lifetime.

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