Brooks McCutchen

Berkshire Sweet Gold Maple Farm

Specialty Food

Hometown: Charlemont, MA

Artist Website

Brooks McCutchen is always excited to offer the finest real maple syrup straight from the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. Working from the family farm, Brooks handcrafts every bottle of syrup, from trekking out to tap maple trees in deep snow to packaging the final product in a glass bottle for your pantry. Every syrup from Berkshire Sweet Gold Maple Farm is “single-crop, single-batch”, with each new batch truly original from the one before or after. As such, their inventory is always changing depending on what the maples have in store.

From the confectionary taste and smooth finish of light golden amber to the stout, full-bodied bite of black amber, Brooks has something for every sweet tooth. The character of the sap is constantly changing from season to season, and his syrups embrace this variance in every unique batch. Pick up a bottle of your favorite amber color at the next Sugarloaf Crafts Festival, or get a sampler pack to try out everything they have to offer. Pancakes will never have been as much of a delicacy as when they’re covered in Sweet Gold.

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