Iris Benjamin

BR Blends, Inc

Specialty Food

Hometown: Monkton, MD

Artist Website

As a proud distributor of Gourmet Blends, Iris Benjamin and BR Blends are dedicated to their mission of bringing you the finest balsamic vinegar and infused olive oils known to mankind. Their artisan-made, 100% pure balsamic vinegar is produced and barrel-aged right in its native land of Italy, then imported to the U.S. from the city of Modena. This premium vinegar gets richer and sweeter as it ages, losing its acidity for a delicacy to be enjoyed at any dinner table. Iris has numerous flavors available that will satisfy and palate, from traditional to dark chocolate to sriracha mango.

Their olive oils are to die for as well, infused with herbs and fruits that will delight your taste buds. Whether you’re looking to add something more to your entrée, salad or dessert, oil and vinegar will never be the same. As part of their commitment to your taste sensation, Iris is always releasing new recipes and other great ideas for enjoying your newest discovery. Visit him at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals to try the best balsamic vinegar available or just talk cooking.

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