Suzanne Bellows

Blue Palms Fiber Art

Jewelry - Non-Precious

Hometown: Valrico, FL

Artist Website

Hand-painted silk can make you feel luxurious and handmade jewelry can make you stand out in a crowd. Suzanne Bellows of Blue Palms Fiber Art says why not do both? Her hand-painted pieces of silk create stunning pieces of jewelry you’ll be hard-pressed to find at just any art show.

Earrings, chokers, pendants, bracelets and more transform into remarkable pieces of art under Suzanne’s talents. All of her jewelry is independently created, producing stunning, beautiful, wearable art that is lightweight yet rugged and water resistant.

As a, experienced batikist and graphic designer, Suzanne is known for using a form called “Gesture writing” in her work. The swirling lines resemble handwritten alphabetic letters written on top of one another or Japanese characters, but are simply abstract marks. It is intended to capture the essence of writing without the words, forcing the artist to communicate with the viewer through the art of script itself and not through the symbols associated with language. They are graphemes with no phonemes.

When used in a piece, Suzanne’s signature gesture marks move in a line from right to left starting in the upper right corner of the page.

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