Brian Beckenheimer

Clays of Our Lives


Hometown: Baltimore, MD

For nearly 40 years, Brian Beckenheimer has been wowing pottery enthusiasts in Baltimore and all along the East Coast with his ceramic artistry. Using artisan techniques first learned apprenticing in Boston and perfected at Martha’s Vineyard, Brian’s functional stoneware begins simply enough by throwing clay on a pottery wheel. From there, he uses master-level glaze effects to create stunning color and style. From teapots and Saki sets to vases and bowls, any of his pieces will look right at home on your shelf.

After spending 27 years running the pottery store As the Wheel Turns and traveling to art shows, Brian took some time offer from the kiln. But artistic passion never truly dies, and in his newest venture, Clays of Our Lives, he continues to craft the same wonderful ceramics he’s always been known for. As a longtime regular at Sugarloaf Crafts Festival, Brian is a welcome part of any show, as his fans and customers flock to his latest creations. With one visit, you’re sure to be a fan as well.

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