Patricia Beard

Pat Beard Handwovens

Weaving, Knitting & Spinning

Hometown: Greencastle, PA

Artist Website

Patricia Beard makes cotton and acrylic shawls and scarves that are designed to be worn year round. They are light and breathable enough that the wearer is able to wear them indoors and outdoors comfortably.

Her most popular shawl is named Hug because the ends are sewn together so the whole piece forms a loop. The shawl hugs the wearer and can not fall off the shoulders. She likes to tell customers, “You don’t have to hold onto it, it holds onto you.” She developed this hands-free design in response to her own frustration with scarves that had to be held in place.

About half of her scarves are 100 % cotton and half are a cotton/acrylic boucle mix. The loopy acrylic boucle yarn adds more texture to the scarves. All of her garments are machine washable except for the ones with a fringe border which have to be hand washed.

Patricia earned a degree in Fine Art and she has been designing clothes since high school. She lives in rural Greencastle, PA where she weaves all her garments on looms built by her husband.

Pat Beard Handwovens creates beautifully crafted wraps and shawls with contrasting yarns in rich, luxurious colors. Special accent pieces are woven into the fabric to create a multidimensional appearance. For colder months, Pat Beard Handwovens also creates structured jackets, vests and scarves that can be worn a number of different ways. With unique fits, European cuts and unique details, these handwoven clothing items offer quality and style that is truly exceptional and long-lasting. Discover all of the latest woven goods from Patricia Beard and Pat Beard Handwovens at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals.

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