Barbara Bass

Barb Bass/Creations by 'B'


Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Artist Website

Since 1977, fiber artist Barbara Bass has been creating beautiful, unique textiles that are right at home in the Sugarloaf Family. Her original, wearable works of art take fashion to another quality level that you won’t find at your average festival.

A woman of faith, Barbara believes “every soul is unique and beautiful” and she works passionately to make sure her clothing accentuates that inner beauty on the outside. Each piece is versatile, practical and stylish in both neutral and vibrant colors, made from imported, natural fibers from all over the world. Several of the wearables are adorned with luxe marabou or ostrich feathers, giving you a fabulous vintage aura.

The nature of natural fibers, of course, is that not all the colors and textures are completely uniform. This gives each design its own distinctive and signature Barbara flare. Just as no two people are the same, identical articles of her clothing are nearly impossible. You can guarantee you won’t be caught out wearing the same scarf as your colleague down the hall. That’s the beauty of handmade items.

Barbara has been featured on QVC and in the New York Times.

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