Randy Bartlett

Randy's Candies

Specialty Food

Hometown: Frederick, MD

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Randy Bartlett of Randy’s Candies can’t forget the childhood joy of “old tyme” candy, snacks and sodas, popular down at the general store or soda shop of yore. He brings some seriously delightful taste memories to the Sugarloaf Family, that’s for certain.

With six permanent candy shops located in antique malls in the tri state area, plus our festival circuit, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch up with Randy’s collections of sweet treats. He’s combed the country looking for popular modern and vintage-inspired candies alike. (Emphasis on “inspired.” We don’t recommend eating gummy bears from the 1920s.) The result is an enchanting assortment of chocolate, fudge, gummy candies, suckers and pretty much everything else you can imagine that your mom never let you have. Let your inner child go wild!

Randy’s Candies also offers licorice, sugar-free goodies, novelty sweets, gift boxes, snack mixes, holiday confections, vintage sodas and more, believe it or not. Come for the “old tyme” treats you’ve always remembered at our next Sugarloaf Craft Festival.

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