Candy Barnes

Bent Harpoon Baskets & Wood


Hometown: Shepherdstown, WV

Candy Barnes began weaving baskets as a form of physical therapy and gradually found she especially loved the Nantucket style. She hand weaves all of their Nantucket Lightship baskets and purses while her husband, Dave, does all the wood finishing elements using locally sourced cherry, black walnut and oak wood.

The pair has been creating this uniquely American style of basket for about 13 years. The Nantucket Lightship basket dates back to the 1750’s Shaker community but it was fading from use until the 1950’s when a clever artist joined two baskets together into a purse and started a fashion trend.

Dave also makes walking sticks which can be used for hiking or as canes for anyone needing a little support. The sticks are made from rams’ horn which he gets directly from the herders who raise them. He also uses cane from Southeast Asia.

Candy and Dave welcome custom orders for items such as wine cooler baskets and walking sticks with custom wood colors. A George Washington re-enactor at Mt. Vernon commissioned a period plantation hat to complete his period costume.

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