David Barclay

Barclay Fine Woodworking

Wood Turnings

Hometown: Bergen, NY

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David Barclay turned his hobby into his day job in 2005 when he retired from Eastman Kodak. Now he makes functional wood art in the form of clocks, bowls, jewelry boxes, earring holders and various kitchen items. He loves the problem-solving aspect of creating new designs and tries to find ways to make his pieces more compact. He devised his own multi-bowl earring holder which allows the user to store bracelets and other small items.

His artistic vision is guided by the belief that “function should not trump art.” This philosophy is most apparent in his wall clocks which are a perfect marriage of beauty and function. While all his pieces serve a practical purpose, he requires that each one be visually and texturally satisfying as well.

His pieces are made of cherry, walnut, leopardwood curly maple and white oak trees, most of which he cuts himself from felled trees. See his work for yourself at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals!

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