Jeff Senger

Nut n Better

Specialty Food

Hometown: Marshall, VA

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For more than two decades, Judy Ayars and her nutty team at Nut-n-Better have been producing the finest quality roasted almonds, pecans and other nibbles. Good thing we are completely nuts for superior products at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals!

Bad pun aside, there really is Nut-n-Better than a sweet snack like cinnamon-roasted almonds – unless we’re talking about a salty snack like cashews. There is no way to go wrong with Judy and David’s nut varieties; they’re the high-protein nosh you need to need to keep shopping at Sugarloaf.

It’s true! Your average serving of mixed nuts packs about 27 grams of protein and is a good source of fiber and good fats. Some nuts have even been proven to lower cholesterol. Don’t forget this heart-healthy snack the next time you reach for a nibble. With great flavors and health benefits, there really is nothing better than Nut-n-Better.

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