Chris Vail

Schokolat Chocolate

Specialty Food

Hometown: Falls Church, VA

Artist Website

If work is followed by reward, then Schokolat creates the perfect gifts for all the hard workers in your life.

Since 2013, Schokolat has made realistic looking gift items and greeting cards out of the finest grade chocolate.

Using premium 58% cocoa chocolate, Chris Vail and team make detailed miniatures of various craftsmen and gardening tools and kitchen utensils. Their collection includes teapots, keys, padlocks, handcuffs, golf irons, golf balls, nuts and bolts, pliers, Steampunk goggles and many other items.

Schokolat’s chocolate tools are deliberately ‘aged’ with a few nicks and scrapes to look like well worn tools and utensils.

For the chocolate lovers in your life, skip the usual greeting card aisle and give a chocolate greeting!

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