Malachi Anders

Colonial Wagon and Wheel Two

Forged Iron

Hometown: Lancaster, OH

Artist Website

Since 1994, Colonial Wagon and Wheel has been producing lawn and garden decorations forged from genuine American steel. The four-person team of Dave Anders, Tammy Anders, John Turner and Dustin Harris designs and handcrafts every accessory from in the heartland of Ohio. Using both round steel and flat steel, they hand-cut 20-foot rods to length, then bend and weld them into decorations that, whether practical or whimsical, are always affordable.

Dave and his team are best known for their flower pot holders, including three-leg trellises, pot scrolls, dragonfly rod hangers, Shepard hooks and other structures for displaying flowers in your yard. Other functional décor available includes bird bath dish holders, hose holders and solar light holders. You can also find lots of fun items such as bottle flowers, medallions, metal spiders and squirrel ball holders. These creative and original forged iron decorations will add character to your yard or garden and give it a real down-home feel. Check out their fun designs at a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival this season.

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