Lindsay Jean-Marie

LJM Accessories


Hometown: Akron, OH

Artist Website

If you’re not careful, Lindsay Adams’ dramatic large-loop knit designs will wrap you in a high quality net! Lindsay’s signature loops dominate LJM Accessories’ innovative, yet comfortable collection of convertible sweaters and wraps.

When you’re at a Sugarloaf Craft Festival, you’ll have to stop by and see Lindsay’s designs up close! Her signature Flip Sweater is a brilliant article of clothing that will make you wonder why you never thought of that. Like many members of our festival family, Lindsay draws her inspiration from the needs of every life. One day while she was running late, she grabbed her favorite Lulu sweater (her original design) and threw it on. It didn’t take her long to notice that something felt quite different – her short sweater was now much longer! She had put it on upside down. And thus, with a flourish, the flip sweater was born!

Lindsay invented all the patterns for her sweaters, ponchos, shawls, vests and other accessories. She’s been a textile artist for over 15 years and is from Akron, Ohio.

“Confident women wear wearable art pieces.” – Lindsay Jean-Marie

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